Sustainability Surveys

Sustainability Surveys at Tila Commercial serve as the first step towards a greener future for your business. With a dedicated team of specialists, we offer a personalised approach to guide you through your energy transition journey.

From initial building reviews to issuing or reviewing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), our surveys provide valuable insights into your energy usage and potential improvement options. We don't just identify problems; we offer practical solutions alongside budget estimates, empowering you to take meaningful action towards sustainability. Our core services are:

Buildings & Utilities Review

Energy & Carbon Analysis

MEES Compliance Assesment

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Improvement Options

Improvement Budget Costs

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We provide comprehensive reports that surpass standard energy assessments. Our recommendations will be personalised to your building's specific needs, complete with detailed budget costs. This approach ensures that our clients receive a meaningful sustainability survey, equipping them with essential knowledge about their current energy efficiency status and empowering them to take proactive steps in future-proofing their buildings, especially as MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) regulations become more stringent in the coming years.

      Did you know? Landlords with a property that has an EPC rating of F or G are now unable to secure new tenancies unless the property is registered on the PRS Exemptions Register. Rating requirements will further increase to C by 2027 and B by 2030.

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Key Contacts

Zak Barker

Associate Director

Zak is an Energy and Decarbonisation Specialist with over 8 years’ engineering experience. He holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Engineering (BEng).

Gareth Moody

Managing Director

Gareth is a Member of the RICS with over 22 years’ property experience across all asset classes.

Jonathan Gobie

Senior Director

Jonathan is a member of the RICS and has over 18 years of experience working with commercial property across the UK.

We offer a personalised approach to guide you through your energy transition journey.