Estate Management

Estate Management at Tila Commercial is a tailored service that puts emphasis on bringing individual occupiers together with the aim of creating a community hub. Our experienced team will work with you to create a safe, secure and vibrant environment.

For us, when providing Estate Management solutions, Health, Safety and Wellbeing is fundamental, our Compliance Portal allows us to mitigate and manage hazards and monitor risk. We undertake regular, detailed inspections providing a competent and comprehensive overview, offering technical guidance on legislation and statutory compliance.

We work closely with all stakeholders to align interests and implement a combined vision for the estate. The Estate Management services we can offer include:

Health and Safety Compliance

Procurement and Management of Services

Service Desk – 24/7/365

Site Mobilisation, Inspections and Audits

Utilities Management

Occupier Liaison

Case Study

Tila Commercial were appointed at short notice by liquidators to undertake a fixed term agreement for all Facilities Management services on a large Estate with various stakeholders, located in the South West of England.

There had been no services undertaken for a significant period which left the Estate in an extremely poor condition and exposed to various risks…

Estate Casestudy
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Our SPIRIT Values

Our spirit values represent ourselves and how we engage with our clients.

Treating multiple people fairly and with understanding.

Key Contacts

Martin Dell

Head of Facilities Management

Martin is a Member of IWFM and also a Technical Member of IOSH with over 20 years’ experience working in the property sector.

Gareth Moody

Managing Director

Gareth is a member of the RICS with over 22 years’ Property experience across all asset classes.

“The Facilities Management team at Tila Commercial are technically impressive and they have unparalleled knowledge of building and facilities management.”