Mechanical & Electrical

M&E Consultancy at Tila Commercial provides clients with engineering advice to help optimise the performance of their buildings. Our expert engineering team is dedicated to ensuring your facilities operate efficiently and effectively, from consultations on new installations to ongoing support with asset selection and building performance analysis.

We understand the importance of operational efficiency and reliability to both Landlords and Occupiers. With Tila Commercial by your side, you can trust that your buildings will always meet operational demands and perform at their best. Our core services are:

Installation & Upgrades

Asset Procurement

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Service Provider Management

Building Performance Analysis

Utilities Management Guidance

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Our Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy service utilises a team of experts to provide comprehensive support. From engineering advice to system design, our approach ensures seamless coordination throughout the process. We aim to  deliver tailored solutions that optimise building performance and overall efficiency, providing cost savings, accountability and extended asset lifecycles. 

Did you know? The buildings sector, which includes energy used for constructing, heating, cooling and lighting homes and businesses, as well as the appliances and equipment installed in them, accounts for over one third of global energy consumption and emissions.

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Key Contacts

Zak Barker

Associate Director

Zak is an Energy and Decarbonisation Specialist with over 8 years’ engineering experience. He holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Engineering (BEng).

Martin Dell

Head of Facilities Management

Martin is a Chartered Member of IWFM and also a Technical Member of IOSH with over 20 years’ building and facilities management experience within the property sector.

Jonathan Gobie

Senior Director

Jonathan is a member of the RICS and has over 18 years of experience working with commercial property across the UK.

We provide clients with engineering advice to help optimise the performance of their buildings.