Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies at Tila Commercial provide clients with an end-to-end decarbonisation strategy that not only prepares their properties for upcoming legislation changes but also contributes to a sustainable future for both the planet and their business.

From evaluating energy efficiency and exploring renewable energy solutions to conducting detailed cost-benefit analysis, our experienced team delivers tailored recommendations that align with your goals and priorities. We understand that every client is unique, so we work closely with you to find the solution that best fits your needs.

With a focus on protecting your buildings, your business, and our planet, we equip you with the information and confidence needed to make informed decisions. The key services we can offer are:

Personalised Decarbonisation Strategy

Asset Performance Analysis

Renewable Energy Advisory

Sustainable Investment Strategy

Risk & ROI Analysis

Funding Options

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Our specialist team of engineering, building, and energy professionals conduct comprehensive Feasibility Studies aimed at guiding you towards achieving net zero and understanding your building's energy consumption. We provide clear advice to help you take the next steps and make optimal decisions. From evaluating energy efficiency to exploring renewable solutions and conducting detailed cost-benefit analysis, we deliver recommendations aligned with your goals, enabling you to minimise the impact on your business as you progress towards net zero.

Did you know? In the UK it is estimated that 30% of all purchased energy used by commercial buildings is wasted, costing businesses over £30 billion per annum.

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Key Contacts

Zak Barker

Associate Director

Zak is an Energy and Decarbonisation Specialist with over 8 years’ engineering experience. He holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Engineering (BEng).

Gareth Moody

Managing Director

Gareth is a Member of the RICS with over 22 years’ property experience across all asset classes.

Jonathan Gobie

Senior Director

Jonathan is a member of the RICS and has over 18 years of experience working with commercial property across the UK.

Tila Commercial can help you navigate the complexities of sustainability and future-proof your properties.