Placemaking & Design for Management

Placemaking at Tila Commercial is focussed on bringing communities together. By engaging with local people to plan, design and reinvent the public spaces they share, we are able to mitigate future risk, plan future communities and deliver innovative solutions.

Our experienced team will aim to enliven your communities. Through events and marketing, we will bring diverse people together to improve the cultural, physical and social aspects of your space.

We are proud to be part of The Places for People Group, who have been successfully placemaking for over 50 years. We know how to make places where everyone is welcome and where everyone has what they need.

Local Community Liaison

Customer Interaction, Strategy and Initiatives

Events, Branding and Marketing

Space Utilisation and Meanwhile Use


Future Management and Legal

Case Study

Tila Commercial are providing Design for Management, Placemaking, Commercial Property Management and Asset Management on the Eastwick & Sweetwater Development in Stratford, East London.

The seven phase development contains 55,000 sqft. of retail and leisure and 60,000 sqft. of office space as well as 1,500 residential units within the Olympic Park.

Facilitiesmanagement Casestudy

Our SPIRIT Values

Our spirit values represent ourselves and how we engage with our clients.

Believing more can be achieved by working well with others.

Key Contacts

Gareth Moody

Managing Director

Gareth is a Member of the RICS with over 18 years’ Property experience across all asset classes.

Jessica Kinnear

Senior Business Support Manager

Jessica is a Business Support Manager with 7 years’ experience running and executing Marketing campaigns and events.

“Tila is a refreshingly dynamic player in what can be a pretty ‘cookie-cutter’ space.”